Rhythm and Latin dance classes in Sydney

These are some of the exciting rhythm dances we offer at William Maslin Dance Studios.


The Rumba is a sensual, spot dance, dominated by grounded fast movements and stylised, elongated slow movements. It is known as the dance of love and uses each part of the body to complement the feeling music. So you can dance a slow or a quick Rumba.

Cha Cha

The youngest of the Latin/rhythm dances, the Cha Cha is a fast, fun and popular dance. It includes rock steps and fast chasses, accentuating the hip movement and Cuban motion. The Cha Cha is stylised with arms, head movements and sharp, strong chasses.


The most popular variation of a larger Swing family, the East Coast Swing is derived from the Fox Trot and Lindy Hop dances. The Swing is famous for its back rocks, triple to single step variations, and pendulum hip movements. It’s a medium paced yet grounded dance, perfect for a swinging 50s disco.


A romantic, flowing spot dance. It shares a similar timing to Rumba, although lends itself to a longer ‘slow’ step. It includes rise and fall similar to the Waltz, and weight change indicating step change just like the Argentine Tango. To further accent the sensuality of the dance, it uses contra-body movement like the Tango. The Bolero is a unique, complex and intense dance where you can showcase your smooth and rhythm ability all at once. Its unique ‘slip pivot’ gives the dance flow and shape different of any other dance.


The Mambo is a rhythm or Latin dance, that is fast, fun and often known as Salsa on 2. It follows the same rhythm as Salsa, but starts on the second beat. It is a very traditional dance, preferred by communities in Mexico and Cuba, with accentuated hip movements at each step. Mambo means ‘shake it’ and has evolved to include influence from Bolero and Rumba.


The Merengue is a travelling dance, that is fun, light and joyous. It can just look like stepping to the side for 8 steps, but coupled with Cuban motion, weight changes and a strong, proud torso, the Merengue is far from easy. It is fast, fun and fancy. The Merengue was banned in 1941 seen as scandalous at the time. But the dance took off in the following decades in social and dance halls, and is now a much loved dance for beginners to learn Latin motion.


Brazil’s signature dance, the Samba is a carnival starting at your feet, and inviting your whole body to experience the fast paced rhythm and happy tones. The Samba in Brazil is danced a little different to the western version of this social dance, and actually there are over 10 variations. As the dance travelled worldwide, many variations evolved, but the ‘Samba rock’ versions took hold in the Western and European countries. The Samba, while it still holds its Brazilian roots and characteristics, it can be considered the most international Latin dance as a result of its international evolution.

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We also offer a variety of other dance styles if Latin isn’t for you! From Fox Trot to Zumba, try it all in our Sydney CBD location.

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