Learn to dance the Swing in Sydney

What is the Swing?

The most popular variation of a larger Swing family, the East Coast Swing is derived from the Fox Trot and Lindy Hop dances. The Swing is famous for its back rocks, triple to single step variations, and pendulum hip movements. It’s a medium paced yet grounded dance, perfect for a swinging 50s disco.

Rhythm: 1,2,3 a4, 5 a6 or Rock Step, Triple Step, Triple Step.

Swing Music

Generally soul, rock and big band music in 4/4 time with a tempo of 32 to 37bpm.

History of the Swing

It originated in the 1940s in the United States as a variation of the swing family, which includes more than 40 types of swing styles. The East Coast Swing remains the most popular as it is easy to learn, versatile and can be danced at various tempos. The Swing was synonymous with the post World War II culture of freedom and fun.

Learn to dance Swing today!

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