Ballroom and Latin dance lessons in Sydney

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we specialise in personalised dance lessons for ballroom, Latin and nightclub dance styles. Whether you want to learn something elegant such as the waltz, upbeat like the cha cha or versatile like the nightclub two step, we have you covered.

Our dance programs are based on a proven teaching method, utilising an internationally recognised dance syllabus. The secret to our success is how we personalise our structured learning programs to meet individual needs.

Our friendly teachers will ensure that you have the skills to be confident on the dance floor. You’ll see why people come from all over greater Sydney and surrounds to learn to dance with us.

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5 reasons people choose William Maslin

1. We ❤️ beginners

We love teaching beginners. No previous dance experience is necessary to learn with us. We have a proven teaching method that ensures you have a great time learning to dance, regardless of your ability.

2. Personalised lessons

You learn at your pace. We tailor every lesson to meet your learning needs. We focus on what matters to you, to ensure you have the best learning experience.

3. Holistic learning

Our dance programs are holistic. You’ll learn the good stuff in your private lessons and put it to practice in the group classes and socials. We focus on what makes a great social dancer great.

4. Loads of dance styles

Variety. We teach over 18 styles of ballroom and Latin dance, so you can dance to pretty much any type of music. So whether you find yourself at the pub, nightclub or at a friend’s wedding, you’ll be able to get up and boogie with confidence.

5. Community

We’re a friendly and supportive dance community. Pull up a chair and have a tea or coffee and a chat before or after class! You’ll make great friends and share plenty of special moments.

Why choose a personalised dance program

1. The right number of lessons for you

We don’t sell random or cookie cutter packages. We take the time during your trial lesson to see what your learning ability is like and understand your dance needs. That way we can recommend the right number of lessons for you.

2. Every private lesson is planned

Ever rocked up to a lesson and thought the teacher is teaching on the fly? Not at William Maslin. We have your entire dance journey mapped out, so we know what we need to teach you and when. That way, you get the most out of your lessons. And because we teach at your pace, we tweak and adjust as we go along.

3. Opportunities to practise

As they say, practice makes perfect. We include group classes and socials in your dance program at no extra charge. You’ll do the bulk of your learning in your private lesson and then go and put it into practice in group classes and socials. The more you do, the more value you get out of your program.

4. Actually learn how to dance

Forget those 8 steps in 8 weeks packages. We take the time to teach you proper lead and follow. You’ll understand the mechanics of partnership dance and will be able to dance with anyone, with confidence.

5. Flexibility

No trying to work around when the church hall or community centre might be available etc. We’re a full time professional studio, here Tuesday to Friday 1.30 to 9pm and Saturdays 10am to 12.15pm. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we only need 6 hours notice. You can even book at the last minute!

6. Don't pay for repeat classes

There will be no need to repeat classes. Because you learn what you need to, at your pace. You’ll pay once, learn once.

Our social dance programs


A program designed specifically for beginners or those just starting out.

Feel the Beat™

An intermediate program for students with some dance experience.


For the advanced or experienced dancer looking to steal the limelight!

Fun Fact

Did you know, the average student who completes a Footsteps™ program can dance the basics in 6 styles of dance after 4 to 6 private lessons.

Top questions about learning to dance

Do I need a dance partner

You don’t need a partner. During your private lessons, your teacher will be your dance partner. Because of this, you’ll learn much quicker.

During a group class, you’ll dance with other students that also don’t have a dance partner.

When should I start

Start right away! We don’t operate on terms, semesters or other session type systems. As your program will be personalised, you start when it suits you and schedule your lessons around your other commitments.

Can I just do the group classes

We don’t offer group classes as a standalone product. We strongly believe that the best way to learn to dance is through a combination of class types.

How much do dance lessons cost

All of our learning programs are personalised. That means the cost is too. We don’t charge on a per lesson basis, but a total program cost.

We structure our programs to incentivise you to make the most out of your dancing. That means taking advantage of the private lessons, group classes and other activities that are included in the cost of your program.

Can I just learn the salsa

Salsa is a fun dance to learn, but if it is the only style you learn, you are really limiting your social dance opportunities.

Our focus is on teaching people to be confident social dancers, and being able to dance to a variety of popular music. Music you’ll hear on the radio, at the pub, a friends BBQ or a wedding reception.

If you only want to go and dance at salsa clubs, our studio is not the most suitable place for you to learn.