Dance Program Terms and Conditions

All dance programs sold by William Maslin Dance Studios are subject to the following terms and conditions. By purchasing your dance program, you are agreeing to these terms.

We may offer different terms and conditions on a case by case basis. If we agree to varied terms, they will be provided to you in writing. In the absence of varied terms, these default terms and conditions will apply.

Your program

We will offer you a personalised program, which may be a 

  • Footsteps program
  • Feel the Beat program
  • Limelight program
  • Specialty program
  • Wedding program

Each program will consist of a number of private lessons, group classes and socials. They will be indicated to you at the time of recommending you your program.

Your payments

The total cost of your program will be advised in a dollar($) amount and will include GST. This amount is agreed at the time of payment.

Some programs will be paid in full upfront and others will be paid for by instalments. If we agree to payment via instalments, you agree to make a deposit payment of a specified amount, followed by the balance divided by the number of instalments.

The instalment interval will generally be monthly, but may vary depending on the length and type of program purchased.

When we recommend a program to you, we will break down the total amount, deposit amount and instalment amount, if applicable.

We may offer a discounted lesson rate based on the volume of lessons purchased.

Your obligations

The Student agrees to complete their program by an agreed date.

Where a Student wishes to cancel their program prior to its completion date and/or all of the classes being used, an early termination charge will apply. The early termination charge will be calculated at: class rate x number of untaught classes x 35%.

All classes must be scheduled for definite times before the program expiry.

If a Student cancels or changes an appointment for a private class, the Student must notify William Maslin Dance Studios at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled time and make arrangements for the class to be taken at a later date.

Failure of the Student to show for a private class or give at least 6 hours prior notice, will result in the class being charged to the Student’s account with the same effect as if the class had been taken by the Student.

Our obligations

William Maslin Dance Studios agree to provide the program to the Student in accordance with our methods, syllabus, policies and procedures, as amended from time to time. We will make our facilities and staff available to the Student for their program.

Your understanding

The Student understands and agrees that a reduced rate has been given because of the number of classes agreed, and that this agreement is entire and not severable or divisible.

The Student acknowledges they have understood the terms and conditions of purchasing a dance program and The Student further acknowledges that they have made this purchase freely and voluntarily and without reliance upon any representations, either written, oral or implied.

Version Oct 2018