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We specialise in personalised wedding dance lessons in a range of ballroom, Latin and nightclub dance styles. Whether you want to learn something traditional and elegant such as the waltz, upbeat like the cha cha or versatile like the nightclub two step, we have you covered.

When teaching wedding couples to dance, we use our proven teaching method and utilise an internationally recognised dance syllabus. The secret to our success is how we use structure in our learning programs to meet individual needs.

Learning your wedding dance is a very special journey, and our friendly teachers will ensure that you have the skills to be confident on the dance floor. Come in for a trial lesson and you’ll see why wedding couples come from all over greater Sydney and surrounds to learn to dance with us.


Pro Tip

Don’t leave learning your wedding dance until the last 6 weeks before your wedding.

5 reasons people choose William Maslin

1. We ❤️ beginners

We love teaching beginners. No previous dance experience is neccessary to learn with us. We have a proven teaching method that ensures you have a great time learning to dance, regardless of your ability.

2. Personalised lessons

You learn at your pace. We tailor every lesson to meet your learning needs. We focus on what matters to you, to ensure you have the best learning experience.

3. Holistic learning

Our wedding dance programs are holistic. You’ll learn the good stuff in your private lessons and put it to practice in the group classes and socials. We focus on what makes a great wedding dance, great.

4. Loads of dance styles

Variety. We teach over 18 styles of ballroom and Latin dance, so you can dance to pretty much any type of music. Pick a song and we’ll take care of the rest!

5. Community

We’re a friendly and supportive dance community. Pull up a chair and have a tea or coffee and a chat before or after class! You’ll make great friends and share plenty of special moments while learning your wedding dance.

Why choose a personalised wedding dance program

1. The right number of lessons for you

Other studios sell 5, 10 or 20 lesson packages. Usually the more you buy the cheaper they get. We don’t sell arbitrary packages. We take the time during your trial lesson to see what your learning ability is like and understand your dance needs. That way we can recommend the right number of lessons for you.

2. Every private lesson is planned

Ever rocked up to a lesson and thought the teacher is teaching on the fly? Not at William Maslin. We have your entire dance program mapped out, so we know what we need to teach you and when. That way, you get the most out of your lessons. And because we teach at your pace, we tweak and adjust as we go along.

3. Opportunities to practise

As they say, practice makes perfect. We include social group classes in your dance program at no extra charge. You’ll learn your wedding dance in your private lessons, but will have opportunities to practise and learn other dance skills in our group classes. You’ll be so comfortable with your dance, you won’t be put off by a screaming baby or non-stop camera flashes on your wedding day.

4. Actually learn how to dance

Don’t waste your money learning a routine you’ll only use once. We take the time to teach you what you need to know at your pace. You’ll understand the mechanics of partnership dance and will be able to dance with your partner with confidence. You’ll be able to use your dance steps outside of your wedding dance – bang for your buck!

5. Flexibility

No trying to work around when the church hall or community centre might be available etc. We’re a full time professional studio, here Tuesday to Friday 1.30 to 9pm and Saturdays 10am to 12.15pm. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we only need 6 hours notice. You can even book at the last minute!

5 tips for a successful wedding dance

1. Start early

Planning a wedding isn’t stressful – Said no one ever! The last thing you want to do is try and cram lessons in the last few weeks before the wedding, when stress levels are through the roof.

Do a trial lesson 12 to 8 months out. There is no obligation to sign up.  Get the magic number of lesson, see what it is like to learn and plan it out from there. Don’t let a lack of time dictate what you can and can’t do with your dance.

2. Do social dance classes

Okay, so you’re learning a dance routine for your wedding. Why would you want to do social dancing? 99% of wedding couples tell us the most important thing for their wedding dance is to look natural (sometimes described as not looking awkward).

The best way to look natural is to be comfortable and fluid with dancing. The best way to achieve this is through regular dancing. With social dancing you’ll learn different dance styles, so your body movements will start to come to you naturally.

3. Practise to different songs

The last thing you want to do is get sick of hearing your wedding song. When starting to learn your dance, the order doesn’t matter. Your focus should be on learning your steps well, and you can do this regardless of the song. This immersive learning technique will help you with timing and make your dancing look more natural.

4. Don't critique your partner

So you think you’re doing it right and your partner is doing it wrong and that’s why it’s not working. We see it time and time again, and it just makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

Your teacher will provide instruction at the appropriate time. Sometimes we need to do it wrong before we can get it right. If you constantly stop to critique your partner, they won’t enjoy the lessons, and it will end up slowing down your learning. Don’t let this hold you back.

5. Have an open mind

Sometimes we come across a video on YouTube or a song that we love and think, yep, that’s it. All of that is what I want for my wedding dance, end of story.

There may be valid reasons why what you want isn’t possible or appropriate. Some factors that could get in your way is the size of your dance floor, speed of your song, your wedding attire etc. So rather than being disappointed, approach your wedding dance with an open mind.

Our staff are here to provide professional guidance on what will and won’t work, based on your natural ability, budget, time available etc.


The 4 stages of learning your wedding dance

1. Trial Lesson

Work out a suitable dance program, such as style, number of lessons, timeframe etc

2. Learning Elements

Learn all the parts of your dance. Starting with the foundations then harder figures, entrance & dip.

3. Putting it Together

Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle, it’s time to start putting it together into a beautiful artwork.

4. Perfecting

What did we say? Practise, practise and more practise. You’ll run through it a few times to make it great

Fun Fact

There is a misconception that all wedding dances are a bridal waltz. Technically it is only a bridal waltz if the dance style is a waltz, which means it is danced to music with a 3/4 time signature.

Top questions about learning a wedding dance

When should we start

Start right away! The earlier you take your trial lesson the better. Once you know the magic number of lessons you’ll need, you can start to work backwards from your wedding date.

The other advantage. You can take a small number of lessons early to get the foundations down. Take a break from lessons and just practise in your own time. Then, closer to your wedding, start putting your dance together by learning the rest.

Do we have to do the group classes

Certainly not. We don’t expect you to do anything you are not comfortable with. That said, the majority of our wedding couples take advantage of this offer and have a much more natural looking dance as a result.

It is also a great opportunity to spend extra time with your partner learning a new skill and having fun. It’s just another chance for date night!

How much do wedding dance lessons cost

All of our learning programs are personalised. That means the cost is too. We don’t charge on a per lesson basis, but a total wedding program cost.

All personalised dance programs are different and our price will reflect your dance.

We promise that we:

  • do not charge more for wedding dance programs. Wedding doesn’t mean ‘ka-ching” for us. We understand that planning a wedding is expensive.
  • will work with you to find a value packed program option for you.
  • will be upfront and honest.
How many lessons will we need

How long does it take you to sprint 100m? We don’t know until you try it. Everyone has a different ability and wants a different type of dance.

You may only want a basic dance, but your natural ability will determine how long it takes to learn a basic dance.

That is why we start off with a trial lesson. That way, we can advise on the appropriate number of lessons.

And please, don’t self assess your dance ability. Time and time again, after someone has done their trial lesson, they are pleasantly surprised.

Please note. If you cannot fit in a minimum of 6 lesson before your wedding, we are not the studio for you. While we would love to help you out, we don’t offer a rushed service.

How to choose a song

First of all. Don’t try and pick a song based on its tempo. So many times, wedding couple choose a song because it sounds slow to them, but it ends up actually being a very fast Viennese waltz.

Our recommendation is to pick 3 songs that you both like or mean something to you. We’ll advise what you can dance to each of them. Then you take it from there.

Check out our playlist of songs for a wedding dance here:

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