Small group fitness classes in Sydney

There is plenty to choose from…

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we offer a great range of small group fitness classes. Our packs and subscriptions let you choose the classes you want to do. Come and see what it is like with our $20 trial class offer.

Why William Maslin Fitness works

We keep our class sizes small so our fitness instructors can give each client the attention they need. There’s no being stuck down in the back corner struggling where no one can see and help you.

Every class is thoughtfully planned beforehand based on who is attending, ensuring our clients achieve their fitness goals.

Our clients have the same instructor across class types. So if someone is struggling activating their core in TRX classes, we’ll work on that in a pilates class.

Our certified instructors are constantly training and keeping up to date with the latest science and trends in health, fitness and wellbeing.

Mat Pilates Class Sydney

Fitness class timetable – current

We are currently running a limited fitness timetable. Our full fitness offering will resume in early 2024.


1.15 – 2pm Remedial yoga


1.15 – 2pm Pilates

Fun Fact

Students that do more than one type of fitness class, get better results, faster. Why not try pilates, barre and TRX together for a great full body workout.

Pricing – packs and subscriptions

Prepaid Packs

Our fitness packs provide the convenience to clients who are not yet ready to commit long term. Expiry is from the date of purchase.

Fitness subscriptions

Make the most of our fitness offering with an awesome weekly subscription. Attend any class.

Mat pilates

Mat pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles, while also training your arms and legs.

It is based on the original exercises Joseph Pilates developed to strengthen his own body as a very young man and then began teaching others.

The matwork came before any of the pilates apparatus he developed, such as the reformer.

It is the purest form of pilates and includes over 500 exercises. The real beauty is it can be practiced anywhere, and can be modified for any age, body, or fitness level.

Mat Pilates Class Sydney

What are the benefits of pilates?

You’ll be working hard to balance, move, hold your own weight and control your movements, all at the same time. With nothing but your own strength, the ground and gravity to support you.

So you will find the pilates will:

  • strengthen and elongate your muscles
  • improve your body alignment and posture
  • support more controlled movement and agility
  • encourage flexibility and endurance
  • nurture improved determination and self confidence
  • provide breathing techniques, useful outside of the class.

Isn’t reformer pilates better?

Pilates matwork is the basis for the entire pilates system of exercises. In general, a traditional pilates mat class will work your legs, stomach, lower and upper back muscles. On the mat, your body weight provides resistance against gravity, making the workout more challenging in many cases.

You must be in full control of your body, rather than relying on the assistance or support of the springs and cables of an apparatus. Matwork is a great option for beginners because of its emphasis on learning how to control your muscles during exercises. But also an amazing challenge for the more experienced pilates practitioner.

So don’t be fooled, while mat classes are great for beginners, they are also strong and effective. You are using your body all the time and the reformer isn’t there assisting or supporting you. Many clients see results after just a few mat sessions including improved strength, posture, agility, flexibility, and tone.

Mat pilates basics videos

Core Activation

Horse Kick

Chair Hold on Wall

Partial Ab Curl


Mini Cobra Stretch

Forward Stretch Standing


Side Lying Leg Lift

Ab and Oblique Arm Lift

Pelvic Curl

Knee to Chest Stretch

Cat Cow Stretch

Seated Torso Twist

Side Lying Position


At William Maslin Dance Studios, our barre classes are dynamic, fun and ever changing.

We know barre is tough, and we know that’s why you love it! So to help you push further and get more out of that barre burn we add our own little spin with some latin and dance basics that will get you moving at the barre in ways you’ve never imagined.

You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice your working out and you’ll go that little bit further each class.

Mat Pilates Class Sydney

What is barre

Barre is a beautiful hybrid workout that combines ballet inspired moves and techniques, traditional pilates, dance and strength training. At William Maslin, we add some latin and ballroom dance elements, and sometimes some hip hop!

Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements.

But the real difference between barre and other workouts are the isometric movements you usually perform – holding your body still while you contract specific muscles, until you shake and feel the burn!

What are the benefits of barre

Barre helps you build a strong, lean, and toned body. It is a fun and challenging workout, and you’ll find benefits in:

  • posture
  • weight loss
  • tone
  • control
  • flexibility
  • rhythm.

You’ll feel so good, so graceful, and taller, just like a ballerina.

You’ll see the results, enjoy the challenge, and keep coming back for more.

TRX suspension training

TRX workouts are challenging, fun and addictive. They use the TRX suspension trainer, developed by US navy personnel to keep them strong and healthy while deployed.

Add our TRX classes to your fitness journey to encourage tone, focused core strength, weight loss and balance.

You won’t regret it!
You’ll feel and see the results sooner than you can imagine.

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we are all about accurate, safe workouts. So we’ll provide tips, and a progress-centric approach from class to class, so you can get the most out of your workouts. 

We keep our classes small to ensure we can give you individual, personalised support throughout the workout and help you get the results you want. 

Our TRX classes are for beginners and TRX freaks! 

TRX fitness class Sydney

What is TRX

The TRX workout uses a suspension trainer that challenges your strength, balance and control. Core strength is key to every move, and you’ll benefit from compound moves throughout the class, meaning you’ll work every part of your body in every move.

Using the TRX suspension trainer, our students enjoy a balanced workout focusing on: 

  • core strength and stability 
  • cardio and explosive power moves 
  • muscular endurance and strength
  • full body control and balance. 

What are the benefits of TRX

TRX gives you no choice but to engage your core in each move. As a result, you can isolate parts of the body effectively to focus your workout. Each move is compounded also, so although your are engaging your core, focusing your move, you are using every part of your body to get you there.

Be warned that 15 minutes in, you’ll be sweating and smiling!

You’ll feel your whole body has been challenged as TRX engages small stabiliser muscles, as well as the large muscles that are easily accessed and strengthened in traditional weight training. 

It takes a strong mind to pull off some of the movements, so you start to trust yourself and understand your body and how much you can push it.

No pressure from us (just very strong encouragement), it’s all you!

    Remedial yoga

    We specialise in Japanese Remedial Yoga, a therapeutic style of yoga, suitable for everyone.

    It improves your health inside and out, and impacts all areas of your fitness including strength, flexibility and cardiovascular.

    Each move is linked back the meridians through your body, and connects to the season, weather and time of day. This amplifies the impact of your yoga practise so you can see the change in each class, and reconnect mind, body and environment.

    It’s unlike any yoga class you’ll attend in Sydney CBD, in a beautiful space dedicated to moving your body.

    Remedial Yoga does not require flexibility or previous knowledge of yoga terms.

    Our classes are for everyone and focus on promoting full body health, inside and out.

    What is remedial yoga

    Remedial yoga is a therapeutic yoga that works through the meridian system and our relationship to the elements: earth, water, metal, wood and fire. Not sure what that is? That’s ok, you’ll feel it, as each class is a wonderful journey for all of your senses.

    Working through your meridians means Remedial yoga influences not just your flexibility and strength but also internal health across all organs and systems in your body – muscular, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and more!

    The practice follows the natural cycles of day and night, and our relationship to them. So the pace and vigour of the class is matched to the time of the day and season to ensure the energy and outcome suits your needs.

    • Morning sessions are a little faster to encourage energy for the rest of your day.
    • Afternoon classes are more intense to get you back to work with energy and clarity of mind.
    • Evening classes are a little slower to help you wind down and rest.

    As a result, you’ll reconnect with your body and your environment, so you can recognise any imbalance, feel energy flow and stagnation, and make the changes you need to to be at your best, always.  Each class will help you find a deeper connection to your own body and bring you a step closer to better health and improved fitness each and every time.

    Pilates class in Sydney

    What are the benefits of remedial yoga

    You will feel many benefits after each class, both mind and body. One benefit in particular is balance. Remedial yoga focuses on ensuring that we are functioning to our optimum, encouraging equal strength and flexibility on the right and left, top and bottom, back and front, inside and outside of our bodies.

    You will begin to reconnect with your body, understand what you need to work on to encourage that balance, and then be clear about what next to progress and improve. You will feel it, you will see it and you will change it, with simple, achievable movements.

    The mind-body connection from Remedial yoga is fast and lasting.


    Zumba started an international dance-fitness revolution in the 90s and continues to change the way we look at a cardio “workout”. Zumba has moved with the times, adapting to popular music and dance so we continue to dance across the world. And here at William Maslin Dance Studios in Sydney CBD, we dance daily!

    Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realising it.

    What is Zumba

    Zumba is pure cardio fun, with toning, balance and control weaved in across classes. We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

    Once the Latin and world rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

    Zumba introduces you to many music and dance styles including salsa, samba, bachata, soca, hip hop, bellydance, Bollywood, and more.

    It’s fun, effective and best of all, made for everyone!

    Mat Pilates Class Sydney

    What are the benefits of Zumba

    A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

    Top questions about our fitness classes

    Do I need any equipment

    No. We provide a mat and any accessories needed to participate in the class. The only thing you need to bring is the required footwear for the class:

    • Pilates, barre and remedial yoga MUST wear grip socks
    • Zumba and TRX MUST wear sneakers.
    I'm only running 5 minutes late. Can I still attend

    No. We’re big on safety which means you must have done the warm up to participate in the class. If you’re not on the mat, at the barre or ready to go at the schedule class start time, you are considered late and won’t be able to do the class.

    To avoid any issues, arrive early at studio with enough time to get changed and be ready. Plus it is disrespectful to the instructor and other clients being late.

    Can I try more than one type of class

    You sure can! However, the $20 trial class only covers one class. If you want to try out other class types before you buy a pack or subscription, you are welcome to purchase a casual class.

    Can I put my subscription hold

    We don’t offer the ability to put your subscription on hold. We are providing you with the classes at a reduced rate in return for the uninterrupted minimum commitment period.

    If you are going away on holidays, speak to our staff about how you can get complimentary access our Workout At Home platform so you can stay fit while you are away from studio.

    Do I get a freebie for bringing a friend

    If you are a pack customer, we’ll give you a free class if your friend purchases pack of 5 or more classes, or a weekly subscription. If you are a subscription customer, we’ll give you a week free if your friend purchases a weekly subscription.

    Why do I have to wear grip socks

    For hygiene and safety reasons. Our studio is primarily a dance studio. Dance students wear dance shoes that have a suede sole, which is designed for just the right amount of grip and just the right amount of slip.

    Barefeet from a fitness class leave sweat residues all over the dance floor, which creates sticky spots, significantly impacting a dancers ability to move freely on the dance floor. This can cause ankle injuries to dancers.

    Therefore, it is studio policy that grip socks must be worn in all pilates, barre and remedial yoga classes.