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Thanks for subscribing to one of our subscription products. To allow us to process your subscription, please provide us with up to date credit card details so we can process your payment. This form is a secure form with your credit card information stored with the payment processing provider.

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    • I authorise and request William Maslin Dance Studios ABN 87 118 426 190, to arrange for any amounts which become payable in relation to the William Maslin Dance Studios dance and fitness classes fees, to be debited through the credit card listed above. This authority will stand in respect of the specified card and in respect of any card issued to me in renewal or replacement, until I notify William Maslin Dance Studios of its cancellation. I agree to the direct debit terms and conditions.
      This Direct Debit Request Service Agreement sets out the terms on which you have authorised us, William Maslin Dance Studios to arrange for payment of amounts that become payable on your dance program account to be made by charging your credit card with, your financial institution (Direct Debit Request). Before you complete the Direct Debit Request, ensure your credit card details are correct.
      Your Direct Debit Request authorises us to arrange for payment of the amounts due to William Maslin Dance Studios for the services we provide to you, at the due date of your bill(s) or another date as agreed between us. This authorisation also enables any changes in those amounts and payment times, to occur automatically – you will not need to complete a new form. Any new contracted services added to your William Maslin Dance Studios account will be subject to the existing Direct Debit Request arrangements.
      Invoicing of your William Maslin Dance Studios services is done on a weekly or monthly basis according to the fees outlined in your agreement with us. You will receive your invoice via email or post, as soon as possible after the date of issue. The Total Due value on the invoice will be the amount processed in the Direct Debit transaction.
      We can vary this Agreement at any time after giving you 14 days notice of the changes.
      You can cancel, vary, defer or suspend the Direct Debit Request, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, by calling our accounts department, but this must be arranged within 7 days of the due date of the invoice. If you do not provide us with this notice, we cannot guarantee the direct debit process can be stopped.
      If you cancel, vary, defer or suspend your direct debit arrangements, or stop or suspend an individual debit from taking place under it, you must arrange with William Maslin Dance Studios a suitable alternative payment method for all outstanding fees due, and ongoing contractual obligations.
      If a due date for a debit falls on a weekend or public holiday the debit will be processed on the next business day.
      You must ensure that you have sufficient credit available on your nominated credit card on the due date to permit the payments under the Direct Debit Request.
      If a charge to your nominated credit card is unsuccessful we will attempt to debit again twice. If still unsuccessful, we will contact you to arrange alternative payment or further deferral. We reserve the right to charge you a $10.00 administrative fee if your debit is unsuccessful.
      You must notify William Maslin Dance Studios if the nominated account is transferred or closed.
      If any bank fees are incurred by William Maslin Dance Studios from a dishonoured direct debit, these fees may be passed on to you.
      Upon cancellation of your agreement with William Maslin Dance Studios, all direct debit requests will also be deemed cancelled.
      Where you consider that a debit has been initiated incorrectly, you can contact our accounts department on 02 9241 3959 or send an email with details of your dispute to [email protected].
      William Maslin Dance Studios employs the policy of treating all records and account details relating to this Direct Debit Request as Private. We will keep information about your credit card confidential, except to the extent necessary to administer your direct debit arrangements. If a claim is made on our financial institution in relation to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit, we may be required to disclose this information to our financial institution.