Learn to dance the Bolero in Sydney

What is the Bolero?

A romantic, flowing spot dance. It shares a similar timing to Rumba, although lends itself to a longer ‘slow’ step. It includes rise and fall similar to the Waltz, and weight change indicating step change just like the Argentine Tango. To further accent the sensuality of the dance, it uses contra-body movement like the Tango. The Bolero is a unique, complex and intense dance where you can showcase your smooth and rhythm ability all at once. Its unique ‘slip pivot’ gives the dance flow and shape different of any other dance.

Rhythm: Slow, Quick, Quick (SQQ)

Bolero Music

Bolero music is often a compilation of Cuban and Spanish music in 4/4 time, with a tempo of 24 to 26bpm.

History of the Bolero

The Bolero, which means ‘to fly’, was born in the 1700s, as a result the slow Spanish romance ballads of the time. The dance is said to be invented by Sebastiano Carezo of Spain, known as the triple meter Bolero. This dance was an amalgamation of Contradanza, Sevillana and classical ballet. The Bolero proved more versatile for shows and dances, not just fiestas. The dance later evolved in Cuba to a duple meter dance.

The original Bolero timing was 2/4, later evolved in Cuba to 3/4 and today widely accepted in social dancing at 4/4 timing. The Bolero remains a most loved dance for professionals and spectators with its amazing mix of flow and intensity.

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