Fun private dance lessons in the Sydney CBD

Whether you are learning to become a confident social dancer, getting ready for your wedding dance or polishing up for a competition, private dance lessons are an important part of learning to dance.

Learning the core aspects of dance with private lessons is the best way to learn because you’ll get to focus on exactly what you need and at your pace.

Our private dance lessons are about giving you the personal approach to learning, which is the foundation to our personalised dance programs. Don’t think that having a 1 on 1 dance lesson means its all too serious. We’ll keep it light hearted and make sure you’re having plenty of fun.

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we allocate one teacher to you for your dance program with us. Therefore, your private dance lessons are specifically tailored to your learning needs, and allow for your personal development and learning style, providing the best possible dance lessons in the Sydney area.

Our approach

No two people are the same in terms of the way we learn, but when you are just beginning to learn to dance, you’ll generally find it quite daunting. That’s why we use a proven teaching method to give you the best learning experience. Plus we make it light hearted and fun, so you’ll always leave with a big smile.

In terms of the dance content, we layer what we teach and only focus on one to two elements at a time. You’ll start off with learning where to place your feet. Once you’re comfortable with that, we’ll add some timing. Before you know it, you’ll be moving to the music.

Our dance programs are specifically designed to allow flexibility in the learning process, recognising that everybody is different. The approach is spread across three levels:

What you’ll learn

We use an internationally recognised syllabus for the 18 styles of ballroom and Latin dance that we teach. You’ll start with simple figures and build to more complex figures and dance elements as you progress through the syllabus. When you’re ready, you can even go through the dance certification process.

How much will it cost?

That’s completely up to you. The cost of learning to dance varies for everyone because we all have a different natural ability and different goals for our dance.

Because our programs are 100% personalised, you can rest assured you’ll only be paying for what you need to, to achieve your dance goals. That’s why we start off with a complimentary first lesson. It lets us see what your natural dance ability is like, and understand what you want to achieve with your dancing. Once we have this information, we can put together a program just for you.

When can I take my lessons?

You can take your lessons when it suits you. Just book an open 50 minute lesson slot during our opening hours, Monday to Friday from 1:30 to 10pm and Saturdays from 8:10 to 11:30am.

What else is included in the programs

Whether you are taking private lessons as part of our personalised dance program or subscription offering, you’ll also have access to our great group classes, socials and other perks along the way.

Free learn to dance ebook.

Want to have a try at home before you start? That’s ok too. We’ve put together an ebook to help you get started. You can download a copy here.

Tips and advice

Not sure where to start? There’s plenty of advice out there, but here a few articles to help you decide.

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