Limelight™ program

Whether you started off with our Footsteps™ program or are coming to our Sydney CBD studio as an advanced dancer, you have already built up the confidence to own the dance floor with your proficient dance floor techniques and style. By this stage you will comfortably display; choreography skills, personal style, technique and showmanship.

At this level we build an individualised Limelight™ program where the focus will move to more advanced technique and styling and we will start introducing more complex elements to your dance such as head styling and phrasing. This is when your dance will be about the interpretation of the music and when your dancing will fit the intention of the music.

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So you are thinking about learning to dance? Your first private class is on us.

Come alone or with your partner and one of our great teachers will show you a few of our dances. You will get a feel for our studio and we’ll see how quickly you learn. With that, together we can plan a program to suit your needs.

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