Ballroom and Latin group dance classes in Sydney

We’re a Sydney dance company providing group dance classes for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner just starting out in our signature Footsteps™ program or an experienced dancer in our Limelight™ program, we’ve got the right group class for you.

Our group classes are designed specifically to help people become confident social dancers. So, whether you’re working on some Waltz or busting out the Salsa, there’s something for you. The key advantage of our group classes is we keep them small, so you’ll get that personalised attention making them an extension of your private lessons.

Social dance program group classes

Group dance classes are one of the magic ingredients in our personalised dance programs. They will condition you to dancing comfortably with a range of different dancers, and are a great opportunity to reinforce and put into practice what you are learning in your private lessons.

What’s even better is these group classes are run every week at your level and are included in the cost of your program. We’re big believers in a holistic learning method, so that’s why we don’t sell these group classes outside of a personalised program.

But don’t worry, we do offer some group short courses, so you can experience some of the magic of our group classes.

Group dance class in Sydney

How do our group dance classes work

Beginners Group Dance Class

Group classes are included in your personalised dance program, so all you need to do is turn up! The group classes for each level are run according to a set schedule. The teacher will be teaching material for the level from the syllabus but will adjust the class based who is attending and what they are working on in their private lessons. That way you’ll be getting a personalised group class.

Like our private lessons, group classes run for 45 minutes. The amount of material covered in the class and variety of dances will depend on who turns up for the class. What you can be assured is what you work on will be complementary to your private lessons.

Throughout the group class you will be encouraged to change dance partners, but it’s not mandatory. Changing partners is highly beneficial as it will enhance your lead and follow techniques, which is what partnership dance is all about after all.

Group dance short courses

If our personalised programs of private dance lessons isn’t your thing or doesn’t quite fit your budget, that’s ok. We have a range of great dance short courses that we run at different times throughout the year. They are a great way to get you started on your dance journey. What’s even better is you’ll cover 4 dance styles in 4 weeks, so you’ll be rocking on the dance floor in no time.

We use a similar teaching method to that used in our popular Footsteps™ program but adapt it to these short courses, so you can get the best group learning experience for beginners. You must have a dance partner for our short courses. If you don’t have a partner, our personalised programs are better suited to you, as your dance teacher will be your dance partner.

2024 – 4 week course starting:

  • Every Wednesday at 7.30pm starting 7 February – fox trot, waltz, rumba and cha cha – Buy tickets
  • Every Friday at 6pm starting 1 March – salsa, bachata, tango and waltz – Buy tickets
  • Every Thursday at 8.15pm starting 4 April – salsa, cha cha, fox trot and tango – Buy tickets
  • More classes coming soon.

Don’t waste time. Make your booking as spaces are strictly limited.

What you’ll learn

We use an internationally recognised syllabus where you’ll learn 2 ballroom dances ­­- and 2 Latin dances. In the beginners course you’ll cover the basic figures and timing.

How are these short courses different to the personalised dance programs

There are number of differences. The first is the dance styles are set and the amount of content that is covered. So, there is no personalisation based on ability, dance goals or budget.

Unlike our personalised programs where we guarantee what you’ll be able to do at the end of the program, because there can be so many variables within a group of learners, we cannot guarantee the course outcomes.

The short courses are designed to give you a taste for what it is like to learn to dance with a few basic steps in each of the styles covered.

Who are these dance short courses for

They are for the budget conscious who only wants to spend about $200 on learning some very basic dance moves, or someone who wants to experience dance as a once off without committing to anything.

Fun Fact

Students that take private lessons progress more quickly than students that only learn in group classes. They learn more steps in less time, making learning more enjoyable and rewarding.

Top questions about learning to dance

Do I need a dance partner

You don’t need a partner if you are enrolled in a personalised dance program. During your private lessons, your teacher will be your dance partner. Because of this, you’ll learn much quicker.

During a group class, you’ll dance with other students that also don’t have a dance partner. If you have enrolled in one of our group dance short courses, you’ll need to bring a partner.

Do I have to go to the group classes

No, you don’t. We also understand that if you’re just starting out, attending a group class might be a little daunting. You might want to get a little bit more confident with your dancing in your private lessons before you take your first group class. That approach is ok too.

What we would say though, is, if you only stick to private lessons, your dancing may not progress as quickly as you like and your confidence may not flourish to the same extent as if you did attend group classes. The other thing to consider is the value you are getting out of your program.

Don’t worry though. Our founder when starting to dance took a long time before being comfortable to attend group classes. Then it went the other way and every group class was attended!

Whatever you choose, we’re here to support you and help you get the most from your dancing, without any pressure.

When should I start

Start right away! We don’t operate on terms, semesters or other session type systems. As your program will be personalised, you start when it suits you and schedule your lessons around your other commitments.

Can I just do the group classes

We don’t offer group classes as a standalone product. We strongly believe that the best way to learn to dance is through a combination of class types. To give you a taste of learning partnership dance, we offer group dance short courses. These are quick 4 week courses covering 4 styles of dance. You must have your own partner for these short courses.

How much do dance lessons cost

All of our learning programs are personalised. That means the cost is too. We don’t charge on a per lesson basis, but a total program cost.

We structure our programs to incentivise you to make the most out of your dancing. That means taking advantage of the private lessons, group classes and other activities that are included in the cost of your program.

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