Learn to dance the Rumba in Sydney

Looking to try something new or brush up on your dancing technique before a big wedding or celebration? William Maslin offers a wide range of dance classes from their studio in the Sydney CBD, including the ever popular Rumba.

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What kind of dance is the Rumba?

The Rumba is a sensual, spot dance, dominated by grounded fast movements and stylised, elongated slow movements. It is known as the dance of love and uses each part of the body to complement the feeling music. So you can dance a slow or a quick Rumba.

Rhythm: Slow, Quick, Quick (SQQ) or hold, quick, quick.

Rumba music

Most Rumba music is a combination of Latin, African and Spanish music influences, in 4/4 time, with a tempo of 28 to 36bpm.

History of the Rumba

The Rumba was brought over to Cuba in the 16th century by the African slaves. It was originally a fast dance, eventually slowed down by affluent Cuban communities who developed Son and Danzon variation. All variations have precise foot work and hip movements.

The feeling of the dance, similar to the Tango is a pantomime of sexual tension. The Rumba we know today is akin to the styles that evolved from the 1920s-1930s in Paris and New York. Although the slower and faster versions are still popular throughout South America and Africa, and further evolving into new and exciting dances.

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