Learn to dance the Fox Trot in Sydney

What is the Fox Trot?

The Fox Trot is a smooth and flowing dance. Like its name, it began as a ‘trot’ with a natural ‘down, up’ movement throughout the dance, like walking. It is refined to a smooth flow as you develop your skill.

The American social Fox Trot is a wonderful foundation to advance your dance ability to include the slow Fox Trot and the faster Quickstep variation.

Rhythm: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick (SSQQ) or Slow, Quick, Quick (SQQ)

Fox Trot music

Fox Trot music is fun and has a distinct 4/4 time and tempo between 32 to 34 bpm.

History of the Fox Trot

The Fox Trot was most popular in the 1940s, but the style was born well before 1910 in America. It started as a club dance, suitable for ragtime and big band music of that time.

Two American dancers popularised it in the 1914, Vernon and Irene Castle, along with Harry Fox, who many claim the dance was named after. The Castle’s were inspired by the dance which they believe was born over a decade earlier by African slaves in America.

Fun Fox Trot dance lessons in the Sydney CBD

From absolute beginners to advanced, we welcome everyone at our dance studio, with both private and group lessons available.

Now is the perfect time to book Fox Trot dance lessons in our Sydney CBD studio, and even better, your first private class is only $50. We look forward to seeing you at William Maslin Dance Studios!