Learn to dance the Samba in Sydney

What is the Samba?

Brazil’s signature dance, the Samba is a carnival starting at your feet, and inviting your whole body to experience the fast paced rhythm and happy tones. The Samba in Brazil is danced a little different to the western version of this social dance, and actually there are over 10 variations. The partnered Samba versions are travelling dances.

Rhythm: 1 a2, 1 a2.

Samba Music

Samba music originated where African rhythms of slaves mixed with European music. Today Samba music is in 2/4 time and has a tempo of 48 to 54bpm.

History of the Samba

The dance originated in Brazil, and was introduced by African slaves. The dance was known as Maxixe in Brazil and later became know as Samba as it ignited dances and movie scenes from France to the USA.

As the dance travelled world wide, many variations evolved, but the ‘Samba rock’ versions took hold in the Western and European countries. Carmon Miranda and Frank Sinatra in particular not only promoted the dance and made it popular, but also added their own flair and unique steps that are still unrivalled.

The Samba, while it still holds its Brazilian roots and characteristics, it can be the most international Latin dance as a result of its international evolutions.

Learn to dance the Samba today!

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