Nightclub dance classes in Sydney

These are some of the exciting nightclub dances we offer at William Maslin Dance Studios.

Argentine Tango

Originating in the slums of late 19th century Buenos Aires, the Argentine Tango has become synonymous with Latin passion. Mixing grace with warm-blooded temper, this style offers dancers a way to express emotion, impulses, and spontaneity in intriguing ways. The Argentine Tango is especially well-suited for dancers who appreciate the Tango form but want more room to improvise.


A dance from the Dominican Republic, which has evolved as a box step to a side-by-side step dance. The Bachata has distinct music and a unique hip pop on the 4. The Bachata hold can be close and intimate, reflecting its romantic tone. But the intimacy of the hold can vary throughout one dance dictated by the lead’s push and pull. Bachata is now loved throughout the world and you can find many variations including Bachatango and Urban Bachata.


The Salsa is a fun and fast Latin dance, with fancy steps are often very easy to learn. There are many variations of Salsa from the Cuban to the New York Salsa. Some Salsas are vertical, others horizontal, circular and many a mixture of the 3 directions. The Salsa is fun and free dance, and once mastered, you can impress on any dance floor.


A very popular dance that took off in the 1970s disco era. It started as the Two Step, individual dance. It evolved into a partner dance, with the lead using push and pull to bring the follower in and out, producing the circular, spinning movement we know as the Hustle. This is a versatile dance that has lasted through the ages as it can be applied even to modern music. We will teach you a 3 step Hustle with syncopation for a more fun, disco style dance. Who can forget John Travolta popularising the Hustle in Saturday Night Fever?

Lindy Hop

The Lindy Hop is a fun, active dance from the swing family. The dance has the same back step as the Swing, followed by a controlled downward kick by each foot. This bopping dance was discovered in the 1920s, perfect for dancers keen to improvise and integrate other dances such as the Charleston and even acrobatics.

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We also offer a variety of other dance styles if nightclub isn’t for you! From Fox Trot to Rumba, try it all in our Sydney CBD location.

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