Learn to dance the Hustle in Sydney

What is the Hustle?

A very popular dance that took off in the 1970s disco era. It started as the Two Step, individual dance. It evolved into a partner dance, with the lead using push and pull to bring the follower in and out, producing the circular, spinning movement we know as the Hustle. This is a versatile dance that has lasted through the ages as it can be applied even to modern music. We will teach you a 3 step Hustle with syncopation for a more fun, disco style dance. Who can forget John Travolta popularising the Hustle in Saturday Night Fever?

Rhythm: &1,2,3

Hustle Music

Dance club music with a strong even beat in 4/4 time with a tempo of 28 to 30bpm.

History of the Hustle

The name Hustle is given to so many styles of two, three and four step disco dances from the 1970s in New York, done as solo and couple dances. Hustle dances involving a partner are generally circular and can include a distinct push pull to and form the spinning momentum for the dance.

The Hustle was definitely popularised by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but has evolved to suit many music styles and tempos. You can now enjoy the tango-hustle, New York and Spanish Hustles, all with their own features.

Learn to dance the Hustle today!

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