Learn to dance the Argentine Tango in Sydney

What is the Argentine Tango?

This is a passion filled dance, that inspires improvisation through the music and the atmosphere. This dance calls on really connecting with the lead, hence its close frame. The partners heads are connected at the temple, looking acutely down compared to other dances. It is a beautiful, and impactful dance everyone should learn. You will not only hear the music but feel it in your heart and in your limbs.

History of the Argentine Tango

This sensuous dance started in the slums of Buenos Aires in the 19th Century. It follows the passionate, dark music of the times, and personifies the feeling of the clubs it was born in. It is known as a Latin dance, but there are rumours Italian immigrants bought the style to Argentina as early as the 1800s.

The dance has also evolved in its early days to incorporate some African dance influences, as a result of immigrants from that continent at that time. In the 1950s and 1960s it was banned in some clubs rumoured to encourage too many ‘shady’ characters to frequent dance halls and social clubs after the thrill of the dance.

Learn to dance the Argentine Tango today!

Now is the perfect time to learn to dance the Argentine Tango in our Sydney CBD studio, and even better, your first private class is only $10.