How much do wedding dance lessons cost in 2024?

Wedding dance prices
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Everything wedding related is usually expensive and you are trying to figure out how much to budget for your wedding dance. Wedding dance lesson costs across Sydney vary widely. We’d say upfront to budget between $1,100 to $2,800 for your wedding dance. That of course depends on a whole range of factors, but it is a fair ballpark figure.

So how do you choose how much to spend? Before trying to set your budget, there are a few things to consider about your wedding dance that will influence the cost of dance lessons.

1. Don’t try and self-assess your ability. We have couples come in all the time and say they have two left feet and can’t dance, only to find themselves up and moving confidently after the first 15 minutes.

Most reputable studios offer a complimentary first lesson or an inexpensive trial lesson. This lesson is used by the studio to understand what your natural ability is like so they can advise on a suitable amount of lessons. Do this as early as you can as it will help you budget.

2. How long do you want your dance to go for? Are you looking to dance for the length of the song or finish part way through. The length of your dance will influence the amount you need to learn and therefore the number of lessons you will need.

3. Do you have a suitable space to practise at home? Time and again couples don’t practise because they either don’t have a suitable space at home, or they are easily distracted by life at home and don’t end up getting around to it. Even the smallest amount of practise will have a hugely noticeable impact on your dancing. Some studios include the option to use the dance floor to practise as part of the lesson pricing.

4. Consider your wedding dress and whether it is dance friendly. Does it have a long train and can it be bustled? Can you easily move in all directions without stepping on your dress? The movement you have in your dress will have a large impact on the variety of figures you can add to your dance and influence the style of dance. Oh, and don’t rely on advice from the dressmaker about whether or not it’s dance friendly.

5. How do you want to start and finish your dance? Will you simply be already on the dance floor and the DJ hits play and you’re straight into busting your moves, or would you like a planned entrance. The music has already started and you have a routine to get you from the edge of the dance floor to the centre to start your dance. These things, while they seem small and trivial, will add to the time you need to learn your dance.

6. Choreographed or natural? Do you want to learn a choreography and use it only once, or would you like to confidently learn some dance figures and dance comfortably? There are pros and cons for both, but contrary to popular belief, you’ll get the most value out of natural. Keep in mind, if you opt for choreographed, additional time will be factored in to cover learning the routine. The figures still need to be learned!

7. Do you want to involve the bridal party in the dance? Some couples choose to have the bridal party come on as part of finishing the dance. If you want them to form part of your routine you’ll need to add some additional lessons for them to learn their part. As this will occur towards the end of your block of lessons, make sure you start learning your dance early enough, so you don’t run out of time.

How the number of lessons is determined

Now that you’ve thought of these things, you’re in a better position to start visualising your dance and what is potentially involved. As a rough guide allow 1 lesson for each component of learning. So, if you have an entrance, 5 moves, a dip and ending, you’ll be looking at around 8 lessons. If you’re going down the choreographed path, add another 1 to 2 lessons for the routine. Note that this is subject to your natural ability and learning pace.

Average amount spent by wedding couples

On average, our wedding couples opt for between 9 and 17 lessons which means they’ll spend between $1,500 and $2,900 on their wedding dance. That said, as part of your  wedding program, you’ll have access to our beginners group dance classes, which are a great opportunity to practise and pick up some new dance moves. We also include time to use the studio to practise your dance. So you don’t need to have a lesson to use the dance floor.

What to look out for

There are many different ways to price dance lessons, so don’t simply compare the number of private lessons against the price. Some studios will offer a free first class, but that is only if you sign up. Others have onerous cancellation policies because they teach out of shared/hired spaces. And then there are those that have rigid or limited availability.

But most important of all, is the connection and feeling you have with the teacher and studio. Does it have the right vibe? Learning your wedding dance can be stressful, so the last thing you want is an impatient teacher or uncomfortable learning environment.

Ways to save money on your wedding dance?

Check out our blog with 5 tips on how to save money on your wedding dance and get the most out of your dance lessons.

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