Pilates classes in Sydney

Build a better you with our awesome mat pilates classes

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we offer mat pilates classes, to keep you strong, aligned, controlled and body aware.

Our pilates classes are suitable for all levels. We provide variations in class and can support most injuries and ailments, and pre- and post-natal needs.

We pride ourselves on result based workouts, and aim to challenge you each time.

No two classes are the same! 

As we keep our classes small, we are very aware of the needs and progress of our students so always take that into account when we plan our classes. You’ll then progress as you need to through your fitness program with us, even in a group setting.

What is pilates?

A high impact, low intensity workout, that can help you lose weight, without being cardio intense build strength, without the need for heavy equipment support better posture and alignment encourage body awareness and understanding.

Pilates is a series of simple, controlled moves that help you lose weight, and build strength

Align and lengthen through your body for great posture and agility strengthen body consciousness

As William Maslin Dance Studios we offer mat pilates, which relies heavily on your own body weight, and gravity!

Who is pilates for?

Everyone! Pilates is that great workout for anyone.

It is very well suited to anyone with an injury, ailment, pregnant women, and let’s face it when you’re tired but still want that workout!

Pilates will make you sweat and work hard, without that intense cardio.

Benefits of mat pilates

You’ll be working hard to balance, move, hold your own weight and control your movements all at the same time. With nothing but your own strength, the ground and gravity to support you.

So you will find the pilates will:

  • strengthen and elongate your muscles
  • improve your body alignment and posture
  • support more controlled movement and agility
  • encourage flexibility and endurance
  • nurture improved determination and self confidence
  • provide breathing techniques, useful outside of the class.

Come try one of our in-studio classes in Sydney CBD! Book your $10 trial class now.

Pilates online and in studio

Our pilates classes can be done at home with a mat and very few accessories. So our at home classes, just like our in studio classes, will challenge you.

You have option to buy:

  • a weekly subscription, that give you access to in studio and at home online classes
  • a class pack, giving you access to in studio classes only
  • online subscription, online classes only.

Small pilates classes in studio

We keep our in-studio classes small for your safety. We can then focus on you to ensure your form and movements are correct, reducing the risk of injury and strengthening your workout.

Online pilates classes

Our online offering is delivered via our workoutathome.com.au platform. Our online workouts are arranged in a variety of challenge formats ranging from 5 day to 4 week challenges, comprising 15 and 45 minute workouts.

Isn’t reformer pilates better?

Pilates mat work is the basis for the entire pilates system of exercises. In general, a traditional pilates mat class will work your legs, stomach, lower and upper back muscles. On the mat, your body weight provides resistance against gravity, making the workout more challenging in many cases.

You must be in full control of your body, rather than relying on the assistance or support of the springs and cables of an apparatus. Mat work is a great option for beginners because of its emphasis on learning how to control your muscles during exercises.

But don’t be fooled, while mat classes are great for beginners, they are also the hardest. You are using your body all the time and the reformer isn’t there assisting or supporting you. While doing pilates on a mat instead of a reformer may not seem as exciting or challenging, many clients see results (improved strength, posture, agility, flexibility, toned muscles) within just a few mat sessions.

How to sign up?

Check out our store page, with the options to buy:

  1. Weekly subscriptions. Choose from 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week. The Transformer subscription gives you access to both in-studio and at-home, online classes.
  2. Class packs, giving you access to in-studio or online classes only.
  3. Online challenges, giving you access to online classes only.

Convenient pilates studio for Sydney locals

We pride ourselves on consistency and personalised group classes. Our experienced pilates teachers will provide classes, suitable for all levels. Our pilates classes in the Sydney CBD will help you strengthen and tone and improve your flexibility. This is a great way to get an intense workout, while protecting your joints and muscles from excessive strain or injury.

Ask us about our pilates class packages and subscriptions today. And take advantage of a trial dance lesson if you are interested in expanding your movement potential.

Already dancing at William Maslin Dance Studios?

If you already attend William Maslin Dance Studios, we encourage our dance students to join these classes. As one of the leading studios in Sydney CBD, we know our students will gain so much from our pilates classes.

Ask us about our special offer for existing students today!

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