How to make new friends easily

Learning to dance is the perfect way to make new friends
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Whether you’ve moved to a new area, changed jobs or are generally a bit of an introvert, there is an effective way to make new friends easily. Dance lessons!

Now before you say I have two left feet, or I can’t dance. Just pause for a moment and let us explain a little deeper.

Dance can be relatively easy to learn for anyone

There are a couple of ingredients that affects someone’s ability to learn to dance. The first one is their mindset. The second is the tools, such as the studio, teacher and teaching method.

If you approach dance with a ‘can do’ attitude, anything is possible. The same goes for making friends easily, which this post is primarily about. So, if your first reaction is to say I can’t, or find an excuse, you’ll probably end up with the same outcome for your primary goal of making new friends easily.

As for the tools, this is almost as important as mindset, but it can go both ways depending on the situation. For example, you may have a great can do attitude, but if the studio environment is not optimum, it will make the goal of making friends that little bit harder.

That said, if you are willing to have a go and try something, and you have a great studio environment, you are definitely on the road to success.

How does learning dance help make friends

We’ll look at the many reasons why learning to dance will help you make friends, but also how that can extend into other areas of your life.

Comfort zone

Going out there and trying to make friends is already high on your out of comfort zone, and adding dance is only going to push that to limit. That is why we mentioned earlier that the studio, teacher and teaching method is a very important element of this overall goal.

When learning to dance it is generally better to take your lessons at a studio that offers personalised dance programs. Now you might think that is counterintuitive, but it really does have its benefits. Firstly, unlike big group classes dance lessons, you’ll be learning one on one with your teacher, at your own pace. This will make the learning process simpler and less daunting.

If you find yourself a bit socially awkward, don’t worry. We’ve seen it all. We’ll make your time in studio comfortable. You’ll find as time goes by, you’ll start to get comfortable and open up. Once that happens, you’ll get involved a bit more in the studio, where the magic of meeting new people and making new friends will start to take place.

Importantly, don’t worry about what you think, others might think. The truth is, you’ll find there are other people at the dance studio learning to dance for the same reason as you.

Increasing confidence

Similar to easing your way out of your comfort zone, learning to dance will help you increase your confidence in a number of ways.

When we learn to dance, we work on our posture and overall poise. This will increase your confidence. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how you would describe a confident person? You’ll find many of the things your come up with relate to how confident people hold and project themselves.

Asking someone to dance for the first time can be daunting, but over time this becomes second nature and then becomes applicable to other areas of life. No more sitting back and wondering. You’ll be up on your feet showing everyone else how it’s done.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all at once on your own. This confidence will grow during your time at a reputable studio, where you’ll be gradually introduced to new people and things, which is where the seeds of success are first sown.

Sharing experiences with likeminded people

Sometimes what makes meeting new people and creating new friendships challenging, is the lack of opportunity to seek out people that have the same interests as you. That’s where learning to dance is great. Not only is the topic of dance itself a great ice breaker, but you also have all those other bits and pieces that go with it to keep things interesting. Whether it’s the style of dance, learning a specific step or starting to add technique, you’ll have plenty of things to talk about right from the get go.

The other great thing about learning to dance, is people from all walks of life do it. You’ll meet CEOs, labourers and everything in between, but we all have that shared goal of learning to dance.

Taking your mind off the main issue at hand

Do remember the last time you went to the pub or event with the intention of meeting new people. You got all clammy and it didn’t really end up all that successful. That’s probably because subconsciously you were very focused on the main issue at hand of making new friends.

All those things were running through your mind like, how do I sound, am I interesting, what do I look like, what do they really think.

You’ll make friends while learning to dance without consciously having to focus on making friends. Isn’t that great! You’ll be busy talking to your dance partners in group class and thinking about your dancing and the magic of friend making will be happening right there in the background. With your coming and goings at studio, before not too long, you’ll have a bunch of new friends.

Still not sure

Pop down and see the friendly team at William Maslin Dance Studios. We’ll introduce you to some people who were just like you, but have greatly expanded their social network and make lots of great friends, simply by learning to dance. Plus they got a lifelong skill out of it too!