Learn to dance the Tango in Sydney

What is the Tango?

A dance of passion, dominated by slow, smooth steps, accented with sharp, staccato movements. It is a travelling dance, but unlike others it has less urgency to move about, and alternates throughout the dance between moving and spot accents to suit the feeling of the music.

Rhythm: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow (SSQQS) or Quick, Quick, Slow. Quick, Quick, Slow (QQS QQS).

Tango music

Often passionate with staccato tones, Tango music is in 2/4 or 4/4 timing with a tempo of 30 to 32bpm.

History of the Tango

Born in the 1800s in Buenos Aeres through African workers, it spread through South America and into America through migrant workers who frequented social clubs.

The Tango was another controversial smooth partner dance. Not just because of the close hold, but also the intimate hesitations and suggestive staccato movements. This expressive dance took off in 1912-1913 in a less intimate hold in Paris, Berlin, London and New York.

Fun Tango dance lessons in the Sydney CBD

From absolute beginners to advanced, we welcome everyone at our dance studio, with both private and group lessons available.

Now is the perfect time to book Tango dance lessons in our Sydney CBD studio, and even better, your first private class is only $50. We look forward to seeing you at William Maslin Dance Studios!