Yoga classes in Sydney

Personalised Hatha & Vinyasa yoga for all levels

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we offer Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes.

The classes are a real workout, with a balance of flow and energy. It is a great way to get moving again or keep moving in a low impact, high intensity workout.

What is Hatha and Vinyasa yoga?

Hatha and Vinyasa yoga use similar poses, at different paces.

Hatha is about breathing and control, holding positions for a little longer. These controlled, slower movements are amazing to nurture isometric holds with your muscles. Depending on the pose it can also encourage flexibility and balance. This really helps to open the spine, bring attention to our breathe and elongate through your muscles.

Vinyasa is more dynamic, flowing yoga. You move from one pose to another at a faster pace. This is great to build agility, flexibility, strength and alignment. Moving through pose to pose really challenges balance and control of muscles, so you’ll start to build a great understanding of muscle activation and gain that mind-body connection.

So our classes give you the best of both worlds!

Who are our yoga classes for?

Anyone who wants to get moving, and nurture their mind-body connection.

There is really no one type of yoga student as yoga benefits everyone. And everyone benefits from yoga in different ways, for instance the:

  • impatient learn patience
  • fess flexible learn flexibility
  • students hate their body, learnt to appreciate and love the possibilities their body holds
  • stressed learn how breath and movement can slow them down and open clarity of mind
  • injured find a safe way of maintaining their fitness and nurturing the recovery they need.

The benefits are endless and in you!

For office workers who need a more mellow practise on a workday, this is a great option as you can really stretch out the spine, perfect to support your hours of computer work or commuting from meeting to meeting.

Benefits of practising yoga

The benefits of yoga are endless and very personal. They include:

  • improved flexibility
  • increased mind-body connection
  • controlled agility
  • toning and strengthening your muscles
  • elongating through the spine and body
  • breathing techniques to facilitate movement and clarity
  • stress reduction
  • improved posture.

There is so much more you can benefit from. But it is very personal, and from person to person there can be a profound difference. So give it a go!

Available in person and online

Yoga is a beautiful workout to do at home in your own calm space if you can’t come into studio. Our online classes are well developed for learning the yoga approach on your own, and you’ll only need a small space to do it.

Our in studio classes are small, we don’t accept more than 20 people in a class and you know we the space for more in our beautiful studio. But we keep it small so you have space to go wild, go strong and just dance your little heart out.

Shy!? Don’t be! Yoga is such an internal exercise, as much as it is an external one, that your peers will be so engrossed in their own journey, they’ll forget your there!

How to sign up?

Check out our store page, with the options to buy:

  1. Weekly subscriptions. Choose from 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week. The Transformer subscription gives you access to both in-studio and at-home, online classes.
  2. Class packs, giving you access to in-studio or online classes only.
  3. Online challenges, giving you access to online classes only.

Already dancing at William Maslin Dance Studios?

If you already attend William Maslin Dance Studios, we encourage our dance students to join these classes. As one of the leading studios in Sydney CBD, we know our students will gain so much from our yoga classes.

Ask us about our special offer for existing students today!

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