Yoga classes in Sydney

Personalised Remedial yoga for all levels

At William Maslin Dance Studios we specialise in Japanese Remedial Yoga, a therapeutic style of yoga, suitable for everyone.

It improves your health inside and out, and impacts all areas of your fitness including strength, flexibility and cardiovascular.

Each move is linked back the meridians through your body, and connects to the season, weather and time of day. This amplifies the impact of your yoga practise so you can see the change in each class, and reconnect mind, body and environment.

It’s unlike any yoga class you’ll attend in Sydney CBD, in a beautiful space dedicated to moving your body.

Remedial Yoga does not require flexibility or previous knowledge of yoga terms.

Our classes are for everyone and focus on promoting full body health, inside and out.

What is Remedial yoga?

Remedial yoga is a therapeutic yoga that works through the meridian system and our relationship to the elements: earth, water, metal, wood and fire. Not sure what that is? That’s ok, you’ll feel it, as each class is a wonderful journey for all of your senses.

Working through your meridians means Remedial yoga influences not just your flexibility and strength but also internal health across all organs and systems in your body – muscular, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and more!

The practice follows the natural cycles of day and night, and our relationship to them. So the pace and vigour of the class is matched to the time of the day and season to ensure the energy and outcome suits your needs.

  • Morning sessions are a little faster to encourage energy for the rest of your day.
  • Afternoon classes are more intense to get you back to work with energy and clarity of mind.
  • Evening classes are a little slower to help you wind down and rest.

As a result, you’ll reconnect with your body and your environment, so you can recognise any imbalance, feel energy flow and stagnation, and make the changes you need to to be at your best, always.  Each class will help you find a deeper connection to your own body and bring you a step closer to better health and improved fitness each and every time.

Should I do Remedial yoga?

Remedial is for everyone!

It doesn’t require flexibility or presume any particular level of fitness. It is a beautiful practise to serve your individual needs. And each class provides options for you.

A unique part of Remedial yoga is that you’ll learn to recognise what you need to do to progress, advance and encourage balanced strength, flexibility and alignment across your own body. This is a wonderful skill to have, giving you more control over your health and fitness.

Many students also attend who:

  • want to understand their body and reconnect to their body for better health and alignment
  • are looking for a gentle yet impactful approach to improve and maintain full body health
  • may have some physical or internal imbalance that we need to address
  • want to improve flexibility and strength.

What are the benefits of Remedial yoga?

You will feel many benefits after each class, both mind and body. One benefit in particular is balance. Remedial yoga focuses on ensuring that we are functioning to our optimum, encouraging equal strength and flexibility on the right and left, top and bottom, back and front, inside and outside of our bodies.

You will begin to reconnect with your body, understand what you need to work on to encourage that balance, and then be clear about what next to progress and improve. You will feel it, you will see it and you will change it, with simple, achievable movements.

The mind-body connection from Remedial yoga is fast and lasting.

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How to sign up?

Check out our store page, with the options to buy:

  1. Weekly subscriptions. Choose from 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week.
  2. Class packs, giving you access to in-studio classes only.
  3. Online challenges, giving you access to online classes only.

Weekly fitness timetable


1.15 - 2pm Remedial Yoga


1.15 - 2pm Pilates


1.15 - 2pm Barre

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Corporate yoga classes

If you are looking for a corporate yoga class for your workplace, look no further. We have a great range of fitness options available for corporate clients.

Whether you’re looking for a regular weekly corporate yoga class, through to a flexible all inclusive subscription option where you can attend any of our great fitness classes. We have got you covered.

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