Start your new life together with the person that makes you the happiest in the world by starting a new skill together that you are able to do as a couple for the rest of your lives.

Everybody aims to create a perfect wedding. Perfect dress, perfect venue, perfect décor. Why should the first thing you do as a married couple be any different?

The perfect first dance should be something special, something that has meaning to you both as individuals and as a couple. Which is why the friendly staff at William Maslin Dance Studios will work their hardest to assist you in the process of creating and achieving a perfect and personalised first dance. We can assist from something as small as choosing the right song to teaching you both how to master your dance.

Nervous about dancing? Never danced before. Have two left feet? Not to worry! We like to take things nice and slow to ensure 100% confidence and comfort.

Whether you envision your special day as something simple and basic or big and extravagant, we will work together to start planning your perfect dance.

How we make a recommendation

During your first lesson we will look at some factors that we consider when making a recommendation for you.

  • Natural ability
    Discovering the way your body naturally moves while dancing with someone will make it easier in understanding how many lessons are needed.
  • How much time we have until the big day
    It is easier to achieve the perfect first dance with time to spare.
  • Wedding attire
    An important factor to consider, ensuring you can move comfortably and easily.
  • Budget
    If the dance itself is personalised, why should the price be any different?
  • Song
    A special dance requires a special song.

Having difficulty in picking a song? We can help. It is often best to use a song that has meaning and significant to you both as a couple.

If you are still indecisive on a song, we can work the opposite way. By choosing a style of dance you both like and find a song that suits that style.

Teaching 18 styles of dance means we can find a dance to go with nearly every song.

Looking to get started or looking for some extra advice? Take your obligation free first lesson as early as possible. That way, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and you’ll have time to do it. You don’t have to take your remaining lessons straight away.

Not convinced?

Here are some benefits that come with learning to dance with that special someone.

  • Learning a new skill that only you two can do together for years on end
  • Having the opportunity for beautiful photos
  • Surprise family and friends with amazing dance moves
  • Spend some more time together – dance lessons the new date night!
  • Gain grace while strengthening posture
  • Do something different
  • Stress relief from both wedding planning and life in general
  • Create new and happy memories while doing a new experience
  • Opportunity to be spontaneous
  • Increase confidence
  • The benefits are endless.

What some of the men have to say

If I had have known it was going to be this much fun, I would have started much earlier.” John

I kind of came here kicking and screaming, because to be honest, I didn’t think I could dance. The complimentary lesson was great. The way these guys break it down and keep it simple, really surprised me. I ended up enjoying it.” Drew

I thought I had two left feet and couldn’t dance. The team at William Maslin Dance Studios proved me wrong. If I can dance anyone can. Their approach of keeping it simple but fun at the same time, really does take the stress out of learning.” James

Our dance lesson is one of the highlights of the week. With our busy jobs, it the one time in the week when we can just enjoy each other’s company while doing something fun.” Roy