Learn to dance the Peabody in Sydney

What is the Peabody?

The Peabody, sometimes referred to as a fast Fox Trot or fast One-step, has a distinct different open, round frame. The dance is fast and controlled. The footwork looks deceivingly simple, almost like walking across the dance floor. But this ragtime dance is based on an open box pattern with cross and lock steps, fast foot work and continuous turns.

Rythym: 6 and 8 counts, stepping on each count.

Peabody Music

Peabody music is fun and lively ragtime music from around 1915 when the Peabody was first invented. Many modern songs lend themselves to Peabody dance also. It is in 4/4 time with a tempo between 60 to 62 bpm.

History of the Peabody

The Peabody has humble beginnings with a New York Police Lieutenant, William Frank Peabody, who loved to dance and loved a fast Fox trot. But he had one thing in the way – his large tummy! So he developed the Peabody, with its signature frame with the partner held more to the outside right of the lead.

This dance became popular in the jazz clubs of the 1920s in America, perfect for the ragtime music of that era. It now integrates many other dances including the Charleston and Quickstep moves.

Learn to dance the Peabody today!

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