What is the Waltz?

A graceful, smooth, flowing dance, characterised by a distinct ‘rise and fall’ movement. The Waltz is the romantic dance, with stylish arm and head movements, making the dancers look like they are gliding across the floor.

Rhythm: 1, 2, 3 stepping at each beat.

Waltz Music

Waltz music is often romantic and is written in 3/4 time with a tempo of 32 to 34bpm.

History of the Waltz

The first waltz was a fast dance, surrounded by scandal. It was described as a vulgar and immoral dance as partners held each other close. It began in in the 1600s with peasant communities in Austria and Germany, and was then popularised further in the 1800s.

Original waltzes had limited step and pattern options simply due to the fast pace of the dance. As the music slowed down, so did the dance, allowing more style and patterns to evolve. The Slow Waltz remains the dance of romance, popular throughout the world.

Learn to Waltz today!

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