Yoga and Pilates Classes in the Sydney CBD

At William Maslin Dance Studios in the Sydney CBD, we are all about moving well. So we offer morning yoga and Pilates classes for busy adults looking to start their mornings differently.

Convenient Pilates studio for Sydney CBD locals

Our experienced Pilates teachers will provide classes, suitable for all levels. Our Pilates classes in the Sydney CBD will help you strengthen and tone and improve your flexibility. This is a great way to get an intense workout, while protecting your joints and muscles from excessive strain or injury.

Interested in yoga lessons?

If you are looking for a holistic approach to improving strength and flexibility, while calming your mind and connecting inward, try our yoga classes. Based in Sydney’s CBD, our experienced yoga teachers will provide classes that will both challenge and calm you, ready for your busy work day ahead.

Ask us about our yoga lessons and Pilates class packages today. And take advantage of a complimentary dance lesson if you are interested in expanding your movement potential.

Fun fact

The first Pilates studio opened in New York in 1920 by its founder, Joseph Pilates. Pilates developed his namesake exercise while working in the hospitals during World War II. Pilate’s New York studio was close to the New York Ballet, and the ballerinas loved it! Since then, many dancers throughout the world do Pilates as a complementary exercise to boost their dancing ability.

Already dancing at William Maslin Dance Studios?

If you already attend William Maslin Dance Studios, we encourage our dance students to join these classes. Yoga lessons or Pilates classes will boost your body awareness and enhance your flexibility, which will complement and refine your dancing. Ask us about our special offer today!