TRX classes in Sydney

Build a better you with our awesome TRX suspension training classes
TRX fitness class Sydney

This workout style is challenging but addictive. It focuses on using your core and full body strength in every move! 

Using the TRX suspension trainer, our students enjoy a balanced workout focusing on: 

  • core strength and stability 
  • cardio and explosive power moves 
  • muscular endurance and strength 
  • full body control and balance. 

The workouts we design incorporate anerobic alactic and aerobic workout styles to balance the strength, endurance and cardio outcomes. 

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we are all about accurate, safe workouts. So we’ll teach you about the TRX suspension trainer, how your body works, and tips for you get the most out of your workouts. 

We keep our classes small to ensure we can give you individual, personalised tips throughout the workout to get the most that you can and help you progress from class to class. 

So our TRX classes are suitable for beginners and TRX freaks! 

What is TRX? 

The TRX workout uses a suspension trainer that challenges your strength, balance and control. 

It’s a great way of building strength, muscular endurance and control. 

The workouts are full body, and include variations for all fitness levels and needs. 

Who should do TRX? 

If you want a rapid burn, with visible muscular changes fast, meet us in Studio today for a class! Using your own body weight is a great way to build long, lean muscle, and promote balance and definition. We run 45 minute TRX classes which pack a punch.

It’s particularly good for people who want:

  • to build strength, but want something different to standard weight training 
  • a challenge based on supporting your own body weight 
  • to add to their exercise regime to improve muscular endurance and core strength 
  • to increase their core strength and control 
  • fast workout with quick results, when done correctly. 

Benefits of TRX on your body and mind 

TRX gives you no choice but to engage your core in each move. As a result, you can isolate parts of the body effectively to focus your workout. 

You’ll feel your whole body has been challenged as TRX reaches to the small stabiliser muscles, but just the large superficial muscles that are easily accessed and strengthen in traditional weight training. 

It takes a strong mind to pull of some of the movements, so you start to trust yourself and understand your body and how much you can push it. 

TRX in studio, small group classes and private classes 

How to sign up?

Check out our store page, with the options to buy:

  1. Weekly subscriptions. Choose from 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week. The Transformer subscription gives you access to both in-studio and at-home, online classes.
  2. Class packs, giving you access to in-studio or online classes only.
  3. Online challenges, giving you access to online classes only.

Come try one of our in-studio classes in Sydney CBD! Book your $10 trial class now.


Weekly fitness timetable


12.30 - 1.15pm Barre

5.15 - 6pm Pilates

6 - 6.45pm TRX suspension training


12.30 - 1.15pm Remedial Yoga

5.15 - 6pm Barre

6 - 6.45pm Pilates


1.15 - 2pm Pilates

5.15 - 6pm Zumba

6 - 6.45pm Remedial Yoga


1.15 - 2pm Zumba

5.15 - 6pm Pilates

6.45 - 7.30pm Barre


12.30 - 1.15pm Remedial Yoga

5.15 - 6pm TRX suspension training

6 - 6.45pm Zumba

Private sessions

Need a different time? Talk to us about a private 1:1 session and how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Corporate TRX classes

If you are looking for a corporate TRX class for your workplace, look no further. We have a great range of fitness options available for corporate clients.

Whether you’re looking for a regular weekly corporate TRX class, through to a flexible all inclusive subscription option where you can attend any of our great fitness classes. We have got you covered.

Check out our corporate fitness classes page for more information.