Private fitness classes in Sydney

Workout your way. One on one.

At William Maslin Dance Studios we run private fitness classes, one-on-one, to ensure a focused, personalised fitness program for you.

Our private fitness classes ensure you get the most out of your exercise and reach the fitness goals you want.

Private classes are amazing for fast paced results and to really get that self determination to push yourself to your limits!

Our teachers love working one-on-one and planning a program just for you! We will be ready for anything, so even if we’ve planed a strength session, if on the day you want to Zumba®, than Zumba® we shall!

So we will be able to do what you need for your body and your mind!

What is a private class?

A one-on-one session with one of our experienced and talented fitness coaches.

It starts with a simple consultation to see what you want to achieve and how we can help.

What type of workouts we offer in a private fitness class?

You can choose from a mix of workouts in one session – why not!? This is about you.

  1. Pilates: tone, align and stretch.
  2. Barre: cardio, toning, balance and core concentration
  3. Zumba®: pure cardio with latino suave and more, wooh!
  4. Stretch: elongate, alignment and flexibility.
  5. Strength: tone, build muscle, safely.
  6. Meditation: breathing, centring, connecting.
  7. Yoga: stretch, flexibility, breathing.

Who is a private class for?

Private classes are for absolutely anyone!

They are a wonderful option to really work on you, one-on-one with a professional, who sincerely cares and will give you the motivation to work hard, love yourself and appreciate the possibilities of your amazing body.

A private, one-on-one fitness class is a great option for you if you want:

  • a more focused approach to your fitness goals
  • to avoid group classes during the pandemic
  • to get confident with your ability and understanding of exercise principles before starting group classes
  • a personal trainer who can cover more than the traditional PT strength, cardio and HIIT exercises. That’s us!
  • one-on-one training to care for an existing injury, ailment or help you through pre- and postnatal fitness goals.
  • variety and choice, class by class to suit their needs and mood
  • a program we make for you, that will work for you.

Benefits of private classes

These are countless and well very subjective. Depending on why you come to us, you may get benefits we have not even listed here. But from our experience, not only will one-on-one, private fitness classes help you make the most of your workout, but you can also:

  • mix it up, with traditional strength and cardio, Pilates, barre, Zumba® and more. This will ensure you have so much variety to keep things interesting and avoid the dreaded plateau coming fast or lasting long.
  • get a tailored approach to suit your needs, even if it’s just your mood that day.
  • a structured, program approach to reach your fitness goals, with an objective we work towards with you.
  • support to push and challenge yourself that extra bit in a safe, caring environment
  • challenge your mind, supporting healthy cognitive functions
  • take your own time to progress, there are is no need to keep up with others.

Private in studio and online

We can run these classes in studio or online through Zoom.

For online private classes, you may need some accessories at home. We’ll let you know before class so we’ll always be prepared.

Private fitness class prices