Private dance classes in the Sydney CBD

Our Sydney CBD private dance classes are about giving you the personal approach to learning, which is the foundation to our individualised dance programs.

At William Maslin Dance Studios, we allocate one teacher to you for your entire dance program with us. Therefore, your private dance classes are specifically tailored to your learning needs, and allow for your personal development and learning style, providing the best possible couples dance lessons in the Sydney CBD area.

Because you will have the same dance teacher we can ensure your program is delivered in a consistent way. Your dance teacher will plan every private class in advance, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the most out of your time with us. We specialise in private dance lessons in a range of styles with same-sex couples welcome to join.

In-focus private dance lessons in Sydney

In-focus classes are a great opportunity to get a different point of view on how your dancing is developing. For example, a female student at William Maslin Dance Studios might take an in-focus class with a female teacher to work on developing their own styling.

Our in-focus classes are offered as a private class where you can work on a specific element of your dancing with a particular dance teacher who specialises in that element.

Book your private dance lessons today!

So you are thinking about learning to dance? Your first private class is on us.

Come alone or with your partner and one of our great teachers will show you a few of our dances in our Sydney CBD studio. You will get a feel for our studio and we’ll see how quickly you learn. With that, together we can plan a program to suit your needs.

At William Maslin, we also run group classes for those looking for something different, as well as yoga and Pilates. Contact us to book a class today!