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Become a confident dancer today

Think you might look awkward on the dance floor or don’t know what to do? Join Sydney’s leading dance studio for adults and learn how to dance.

Our social dance programs are created specifically for beginners. So if you want to know what to do on the dance floor and be able to dance with anyone, you’ve come to the right place.

5 reasons people choose William Maslin

1. We ❤️ beginners

We love teaching beginners. No previous dance experience is neccessary to learn with us. We have a proven teaching method that ensures you have a great time learning to dance, regardless of your ability.

2. Personalised lessons

You learn at your pace. We tailor every lesson to meet your learning needs. We focus on what matters to you, to ensure you have the best learning experience.

3. Holistic learning

Our dance programs are holistic. You’ll learn the good stuff in your private lessons and put it to practice in the group classes and socials. We focus on what makes a great social dancer great.

4. Loads of dance styles

Variety. We teach over 18 styles of ballroom and Latin dance, so you can dance to pretty much any type of music. So whether you find yourself at the pub, nightclub or at a friend’s wedding, you’ll be able to get up and boogie with confidence.

5. Community

We’re a friendly dance community. You’ll make great friends and share plenty of special moments.

What others are saying about William Maslin

I cannot recommend this studio and the delightful people who run it highly enough! I started dance lessons back in August on a whim and haven’t looked back. Bill, Tanya and Stina are truly lovely people and are incredibly patient teachers. Class is always an absolute joy with just the right amount of challenge (thanks Bill!). The personalised individual lesson programs combined with the group classes ensure everyone gets to learn at their own pace.

The studio is always spotless and is a welcoming space to learn. The monthly social dances are a fantastic way to meet new people and practice dancing. Bill and Tanya go to considerable effort to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Jess. L

Bill and Tanya are awesome and cater to all your needs, helped my wife and I ease out of our comfort zone.

Good vibe and great customer service. Great way to spend time together.

Would highly recommend if looking for a dance school.

Roy T.

Absolutely top class. Bill is a super teacher – patient, clear and a real expert in his field. We tried a 4 dances over 4 weeks and it was enjoyable, fun and a great learning environment. Highly recommend.

Matthew K.

My wife and I wanted to learn a dance for our wedding in 2019 – and we decided to use William Maslin Dance Studios.

It was some of the best money we spent on our entire wedding.

The studio is new, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and there is absolutely no problem if you have never danced before (which was my wife and I).

They provided us one-on-one lessons, group classes and monthly dance social events – so we were very well prepared by the time our wedding came around. And the wedding dance turned out beautifully.

I highly recommend this place if you are wanting to learn to dance for a wedding or even just for fun. Totally worth it.

Bernard G.

Steps to becoming a great social dancer

1. Trial dance lesson

This is your no obligation lesson to see what it’s like learning with William Maslin.

You’ll be dancing in a matter of minutes and we’ll use this lesson to see what your natural ability is like and get an understanding of your dance goals. Then we can put together a dance program exclusively for you.

2. Footsteps™ program

This is the starting point for most students. Our Footsteps™ program is designed specifically for beginners. Depending on your ability and goals, it will be anywhere between 4 and 7 private lessons, plus your group classes.

You’ll cover the essential foundations of partnership dance, covering the styles of dance you have chosen.

3. Feel the Beat™ program

Now you have the foundations under your belt and are starting to move around the dance floor, the next progression is to our Feel the Beat™ program. You’ll start to add some extra elements to your dancing such as styling and footwork.

You will also start to add extra dance figures, and if you’re up for the challenge, some extra styles. At this point you’ll be feeling confident with your dancing.

4. Limelight™ program

At this stage of your dance journey, you’re ready to steal the limelight – hence the name of the program. During this program, you’ll know what dance styles go with what music, build a large library of dance figures and will really own the dance floor.

People will look at you and say WOW! You’ll have advanced styling and technique, and will be able to dance with anyone.

5. The world is your oyster

You know how it works. You can individualise your own dance style. Develop your own dance figures and routines. The opportunities are endless.

Social dancing with friends at a wedding in Sydney

Why choose a personalised dance program

1. The right number of lessons for you

We don’t sell random or cookie cutter packages. We take the time during your trial lesson to see what your learning ability is like and understand your dance needs. That way we can recommend the right number of lessons for you.

2. Every private lesson is planned

Ever rocked up to a lesson and thought the teacher is teaching on the fly? Not at William Maslin. We have your entire dance journey mapped out, so we know what we need to teach you and when. That way, you get the most out of your lessons. And because we teach at your pace, we tweak and adjust as we go along.

3. Opportunities to practise

As they say, practice makes perfect. We include group classes and socials in your dance program at no extra charge. You’ll do the bulk of your learning in your private lesson and then go and put it into practice in group classes and socials. The more you do, the more value you get out of your program.

4. Actually learn how to dance

Forget those 8 steps in 8 weeks packages. We take the time to teach you proper lead and follow. You’ll understand the mechanics of partnership dance and will be able to dance with anyone, with confidence.

5. Flexibility

No trying to work around when the church hall or community centre might be available etc. We’re a full time professional studio, here Tuesday to Friday 1.30 to 9pm and Saturdays 10am to 12.15pm. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we only need 6 hours notice. You can even book at the last minute!

6. Don't pay for repeat classes

There will be no need to repeat classes. Because you learn what you need to, at your pace. You’ll pay once, learn once.

Why learn to dance

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to learn to dance. Here are just some of those.

✅ Meet new people

✅ Learn a new skill

✅ Improve health and fitness

✅ Gain confidence

✅ Improve mental function

✅ A hobby or just for fun

✅ Lose weight

✅ Make someone happy

If this sounds like you… get dancing today!

Social dancing Sydney
Learning to dance in Sydney

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Don’t let this opportunity pass. We can only take a limited number of trial lessons each month, so don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity.

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