See what it is like to learn to dance


Come see how easy it is to learn to dance

Unlock the magic of partner dance with our exhilarating ‘Come Try Dancing‘ series! Whether you’re intrigued by the spicy rhythms of salsa, the passionate embrace of tango, or the playful vibes of cha cha, we’ve got the perfect class for you

What to expect

Dive into a 45-minute dance adventure designed for beginners. No experience needed—just bring your curiosity and a willingness to have fun! Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics, ensuring every step is a step closer to falling in love with dance.

How much does it cost

Absolutely FREE!

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Come Try Dance Series

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Top questions about our Come Try Dance series

What is your cancellation policy

Please reply to your confirmation email advising us of your cancellation. If you cancel 2 classes, you will not be allowed to book any further Come Try Dancing classes.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of people

There is a maximum of 20 participants in each class.

How often are the classes run

We schedule different Come Try Dancing classes throughout the year. If a class is not available but you are keen to try out learning to dance, book a $10 trial lesson. This is a one-on-one lesson which you book at a time to suit you. We can then provide you with the range of options that are available to learn to dance with us.

What will I learn in the class

We’ll be covering the basics for the particular dance style. The aim of the class is to introduce you to the dance style and our method of teaching. If you enjoy the class, you are welcome to take your learning to the next level, with a personalised dance program. Ask the instructor at the end of the class for more details.

Do I need a dance partner

You do not need a dance partner. However, depending on the numbers, you may need to dance either role (leader or follower). If we have an unbalanced class, we’ll make sure everyone gets an opportunity to dance their respective role.