Learn to dance the Quickstep in Sydney

What is the Quickstep?

The Quickstep is a fast and fancy partner dance, closely related to the Fox Trot and Charleston dancers. When you watch a professional dancer Quickstep, you may think they are just running and jumping around the dance floor. But don’t be fooled by their grace and strength, the Quickstep is a challenging yet fulfilling dance.

Rhythm: Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow (SQQS).

Quickstep Music

Quickstep music is fast at 48-52bpm and has a 4/4 time signature.

History of the Quickstep

Some dance historians believe that the Quickstep preceded the Fox Trot and Charleston in the early 1800s as a march. There is evidence of Quickstep music since the 1800s. But the Quickstep that we know today is closely related to the 1920s version from the United Kingdom, popularised by Frank Ford and Molly Spain. The Quickstep added to the many playful dances of the 1920s and was well suited to the big band music of the time.

Learn to dance the Quickstep today!

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