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William Maslin Dance Studios’ Associates – Our affiliate marketing program.

Our Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetise their traffic. With great products and services available, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs. Make your traffic work for you.

1. Sign up
Join other creators, publishers and bloggers who are earning with our Associates Program.
2. Recommend
Share our products and services with your audience. We have customised linking tools for publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers.
3. Earn
Earn fixed rates per product in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs.

Why become a William Maslin Dance Studios’ Associate?

We’re passionate about social dance and fitness and offer a great range of in person classes and experiences in studio. We also offer high quality online dance and fitness classes. We’ve created a fun, vibrant and friendly dance and fitness community and want to share that. So why not become part of the family?

  • It’s free to join
  • Regular offers and promotions
  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • We’re here to support you.

How does it operate?

Sign up to become an associate. Tell us a little bit about you and how you propose to promote our products and services. If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll approve your application to become and associate. You’ll have access to a custom dashboard where you can generate your affiliate links, track your click, commissions and payments.

We’ll support you as an associate. Whether it’s brand assets, content or advice, where here to help you.

How much can I earn?

That’s completely up to you. We can always help if you need something specific to promote your way, but your profit potential is dependent upon your sales.

Product Commission Commission Paid
Private dance program (social and wedding) (use trial dance/fitness class to track) $100 30 days after purchase
Dance short course $10 2 weeks after course
Online dance course $10 30 days after purchase
5 class fitness pack $10 30 days after purchase
10 class fitness pack $20 30 days after purchase
20 class fitness pack $35 30 days after purchase
Fitness subscription $100 30 days after purchase
Bronze Fitness membership $20 30 days after purchase
Silver fitness membership $40 30 days after purchase
Platinum fitness membership $100 30 days after purchase
5 private fitness classes $50 30 days after purchase
10 private fitness classes $100 30 days after purchase
Date night dance class $10 30 days after purchase
Hen parties 5% 15 days after event
$160 gift certificate $10 30 days after purchase
$320 gift certificate $20 30 days after purchase

When are commissions paid?

Every month we will total your commission and as long as it’s greater than $50 and your sales have cleared the 60-day credit card fraud detection period, we will pay the commission to your Pay Pal account.

How long does the affiliate referral last for?

Whenever a visitor clicks through your affiliate link, a 90-day cookie is set. If they make a purchase within those 90 days (and they don’t clear their cookies), you get credit for the sale.


William Maslin Dance Studios reserves the right to decline payments, suspend accounts, and/or terminate any affiliate user account without notice. This may be due to one or several of the following reasons:

  • Providing false and/or misleading information about William Maslin Dance Studios discount codes.
  • Running paid search engine marketing campaigns (i.e. GoogleAds) on William Maslin Dance Studios’ brand-related keywords mentioned above.
  • Using link farms, spamming forums/websites, and/or taking part in any illicit acts to drive traffic towards your affiliate links.

Any terminated affiliate with pending payments for the current month will not be distributed. All decisions are final and accounts terminated or suspended will not be reversed.